Innovative ON-LINE Particle Monitoring Technology for Cleantech & water applications

Type: Technology demand/offer
Source of information: EEN
Issuing organization: SME and Reasearch organization
Publication date: 04/01/2012
Deadline: 01/02/2012
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An Israeli SME has developed an on-line particle-monitoring system for use in water applications and other specific industries such as cement, pharmaceutical and mono-layer deposition of nano sensors. The technology enables automatic, continuous on-line monitoring of particle sizes (including nano-particles) and of concentrations in water before and after filtration. This technology is based upon a patented method of interaction between particles and "non-Gaussian" structured laser beam. Country: IsraelType: REQUESTDate: 03.01.2012 Background The Israeli company is an electro optical start-up company, with a focus on ONLINE, IN-PROCESS particle-monitoring. The Company's technology is based upon a patented method of interaction between particles and structured laser light beam and has also been used in advanced measurement tools for nano-particle size in deposition processing. Israeli SME is looking for a partner involved in in industrial process(es) relating to automatic and continuous on-line particle monitoring. The Need In-Process monitoring is a key factor for quality and cost reduction in many industries. Particle size analysis is an important such factor in many liquid and dry processes including Water, Cement,Pharmaceutics, Refineries, Mining and many more. While laboratory instrumentation for particle size analysis is widely offered, In-Process systems are scarce and lack the sophistication and accuracy of lab systems. The reason is that In-Process measurements are challenging and, unlike in lab systems, a-priory information on the particles does not exist, measurements should be conducted in hostile environment and in real time, with no alignment and service. The Solution To address the In-Process need, the Israeli company has developed and patented a novel breakthrough technology to measure particle size In-Process. The technology uses a unique and advanced structured laser beam, enabling direct detection and measurement of sub-micron particles. It is robust, requires no calibration and is optimized for In-Process. Unique competitive advantages of the technology: 1.Detect particle size range down to the nano level 2.Provide satisfactory resolution & concentration range 3.Discriminate among groups of particles 4.Measure particle in liquid & gas (wet and dry) 5.Have only a small foot-print 6.Robust for harsh conditions Fields of application include cleantech and specifically water applications, cement, pharmaceutical, and microelectronics. Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements: The product involves a unique structured non-Gaussian, "dark" laser beam, interacting with the particles. The technology enables automatic, continuous on-line monitoring of particle sizes (including nano-particles!) and concentrations, in water before and after filtration. The system also automatically differentiates between particle categories, such as clay, carbon, algae, germs, parasites, submicron viruses, and more, according to their optical properties, by employing machine learning tools on the laser-particle interaction signal. The system is compact; offers high sensitivity and resolution in a wide particle size and concentration range. Degree of development: Patents/Rights: Requested Cooperation: Joint further development, Testing of new applications, Adaptation to specific needs - Type of partner sought: a company that deals with water on line monitoring or search for an on-line particle monitoring technologies of water (potable, industrial, waste, desalination, ultrapure water and CMP slurries). Also a company that provides control systems for the cement and pharmaceutical industries. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Water filtration, water monitoring, waste water treatment and recycling. Lakes and river quality control. Water security. - Task to be performed by the partner sought: to be a design partner to a specific application where an automatic and continuous on-line particle monitoring is needed.
posted on 04/01/2012