Flexible Filtration Media Simplifying Clean Water Technologies - offering an exceptionally efficient, low cost and safe water filtering solution for industrial, municipal, commercial and agricultural applications.

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Source of information: Enterprise European Network
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Publication date: 04/01/2012
Deadline: 01/02/2012
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Background An Israeli company has developed a novel thermosetic elastomer filtering media that simplifies clean water technologies. The hybrid filtration system combines mechanical and media filtration that allows full control of porosity and filtration grade, high microfiltration rates and aggressive and efficient rinse. Founded by a group of multi-disciplinary engineers, environmental scientists and filtration experts with some 25 years of experience, The Israeli company offers groundbreaking solution for water treatment. Flexible Elastomer Media The Israeli Company's hybrid media filtration enables skipping the pre-filtration stage and increase water volume treatment. The thermosetic elastomer is an intelligent filtering media capable of altering its shape and porosity under controlled pressure. When pressure is released, the elastomer media transforms back to its original size and spacing. By doing so, it is possible to control the filtration grade and achieve microfiltration in less backwash cycles (reducing water consumption less than 1%) to conserve water, energy and total filtration costs. The Complete Solution With a dwindling supply of available fresh water, developing clean water solutions has become a major global investment. The Israeli company's compact water filtration system is a complete filtration solution that improves water quality while reducing filtration costs and water waste. A Simple Filtration System Offering High Advantages v Simple operation and low maintenance and operating costs. v High efficiency (reducing invested energy and water for rinse, less than 1%). v Skips the pre filtration process (reducing filtration costs to 1-15 microns levels) v Long lifetime elastomer media (non-reactive substance). v Small system footprint and size (an added transport advantage). Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements: The Israeli company is looking for an intelligent media with special physical-chemical characters as a solution for a variety of unique water treatment problems.
posted on 04/01/2012