Nanotechnological Coatings, Friction Reduction, Researches on 3D Surfaces

Type: Technology demand/offer
Source of information: European R&D PartnerSearch
Issuing organization: SME and research organizations
Publication date: 30/01/2012
Deadline: 12/03/2012
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PARTNER REQUEST ABSTRACT: The Institute of Manufacturing Engineering (IME) of the Riga Technical University is one of the leading institutes in Latvia carrying out research on nanotechnological coatings on different materials and friction reduction on sliding surfaces. The IME is opened to collaborate as partner in European projects focused on nanotechnologies. DESCRIPTION: The IME has launched investigations into the substitution of more expensive nanotechnological coatings ? Indium (In) by cheaper and less toxic zinc oxide (ZnO) coatings. Based on 3D surface researches it is envisaged to develop solutions for the friction reduction on sliding surfaces and prolongation of element working life. The IME is carrying out researches in the field of nanotechnology aimed at coating of zinc oxide (ZnO) in vacuum equipment at high vacuum (10-9 tor) on different materials, by using a flat cathode circuit. Preparation of base materials is carried out as follows: 1) mechanical cleaning, 2) alkaline cleaning, 3) ablution, 4) drying, 5) pre-treatment by worming, 6) treatment by plasma, 7) treatment by ion bombardment. Nanocoatings are being applied on transport system elements to reduce the friction coefficient and increase the efficiency of fuel consumption. Reduction of friction coefficient allows to reduce the element wear, thus prolonging their working life. In this field the IME has carried out theoretical investigations (wear models, wear calculations), as well as experiments (designing of friction devices, experiments on wear, etc.). The IME is a pioneer in the 3D surface researches in the Baltic States. Its scientists are working on the issues of 3D surface parameter determination precision, metrology problems of parameters, and have developed 3D data basis for surfaces with irregular roughness pattern. Development stage : Idea European funding source(s) : FP7 - Co-operation, Nanosciences, Nanotechnology, Materials and new Production Technologies Type of Project: FP7 Collaborative Research Keywords : Design and Modelling/Prototypes (002001), Industrial Manufacture (002002), Micro- and Nanotechnology related to physical and exact sciences (005010) Organisation type : University Organisation size : >500 Other details : The Institute of Manufacturing Engineering have been mastered new technologies within last years: nanotechnology coatings in vacuum; technological and metrological provision of 3D surface roughness parameters. Target partner organisation type(s) : SME (<250 employees), Large Company, University, Research/Technology Centre, Other Target partner expertise sought : The Institute is willing to collaborate with similar organizations and institutes both regarding the development of nanotechnological coatings and 3D surface metrology issues as well as tribology. Application domains : INDUSTRY, Industrial manufacture, OTHERS Contact : Janis Rudzitis Email : Telephone : +371 67089701 Fax : +371 67089739 WWW : Partner Request Entered by: Organisation: LTC City: Riga Organisation Country: Latvia Organisation Telephone: +371 7557919 Organisation Fax: +371 754 1218 Organisation Email: Organisation Web: Entry date : 5/1/2012 Update date : 24/1/2012 Deadline for responses: 31/12/2012
posted on 30/01/2012