Development of light bio-based environmental friendly panels to marine furnishing

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Publication date: 06/12/2011
Deadline: 31/01/2012
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The final objective of Biopanel is to develop a new composite material based on bio-based polymer matrix reinforced with natural fibres to manufacture panels and profiles of interior accommodation elements in the maritime sector. Fire-resistant bio-polymer matrix must be developed because is a mandatory condition to the final application in marine field. Areas of particular interest will be the processing (polymer-fibre compounding process), joining and cycle life analysis of panels. Both large and short fibres will be taking into account in the project and their particular manufacturing processes must be studied. The Biopanel composite material should have better properties than current ones. The aspect of modulating the load content in relation to the final mechanical properties is of particular importance. The final product can be used to manufacture whole panels or simply the skin of sandwich structures to design and develop integral solutions in a range of products which can include panels, profiles for every accommodation space. BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT: It is an ongoing and large RD&I task to investigate emerging new materials, structure types, technologies and production methods to determine their potential benefits for the maritime industry. This sector requires the development of lighter and stronger engineering materials such as advanced composites and sandwich structures to accommodation spaces. Bio-composites based on natural fibres (hemp, flax, jute, bamboo) are recently being employed in automotive industry because their high strength to weight ratio makes them an excellent alternative to traditional materials. But naval sector has many particularities which need to be study in this project, as fire resistance, which implies to research new bio-polymer formulations or to add fire-retardant modifiers to commercial bio-polymers. Important reasons, not only environmental but also based on cost, health and safety, acoustic damping and design aspects, encourage applying bio-composite materials into naval constructions. Bio-composites materials could be exploited much more extensively in naval furnishing if research to develop enhanced properties and fire resistance is carried out. Bio-composites production techniques must be developed to satisfy the production requirements and to ensure a safe, clean and efficient working environment. BioPanel aimed at new high quality bio-based composite materials to substitute synthetic plastics, wood and other materials used in the interior of ships. The potential shortage of fossil fuel reserves will force future economies to extract their raw materials from renewable resources. Composite materials based on bio-polymer matrix and bio-mass fibre reinforcements have additional advantages, these materials reduce the plastic industry?s dependency on oil, reduce CO2 emissions, provide excellent recyclability, and decrease the weight of the components. Most importantly, natural fibre show excellent mechanical properties including low density, low cost, is eco-friendly and biodegradable, show an increase of tensile strength, wear, and impact properties and is therefore an alternative to replace glass fibre on composite materials. EXPECTED RESULTS, LEAD USERS AND EXPLOITATION AND DISSEMINATION PLAN: The scientific results of the project would be the development of bio-composite material, based on a heat-resistance bio-polymer matrix and natural fibre reinforcements. The fibre load will achieve higher modulus and lower bulk density than conventional composites. This will allow manufacturing structures with improved properties in the accommodation space of crafts, ships, boats? The socioeconomic result of this project is in line with European policy objectives which recommend the development of innovative use of renewable raw materials. The Europe-wide collaboration would achieve more efficient processes and create a critical mass of products with important economic, social and environmental benefits including a decrease of fossil resources and the promotion of renewable resources, providing new markets to the European agriculture, support the economic sustainability of rural communities, and supply the transport sector with ecological products of superior properties. There is a wide range of bio-based products which could eventually acquire a substantial market acceptance and a strong tendency to focus on markets where bio-based products can substitute products based on fossil resources. Development stage : Proposal Under Development Organisation type : Technical/Research Centre Organisation size : 50-249 Other details : The Technology Centre AIMEN was set up in 1967 as an initiative of the industry as a non profit private association. Our prime objective is to develop and increase technological competitiveness and innovation capacity of companies. AIMEN provides industry with technological services and engages in RDi activities. Over 210 skilled staff including 88 Masters Degrees, 27 University Graduates and 12 holding a PhD, are dedicated to these activities. Some 500 clients and 110 associated companies representing sectors including automotive, shipbuilding, metalmechanic, aeronautics, civil construction-benefit from AIMEN services. AIMEN participates in numerous national and international RDi projects: -Joining and welding technologies -Laser processing technologies: Welding, cladding, cutting -Non Destructive Testing of welded joints -Forming Technologies: Extruding, hot-forging, cold-forming, rolling -Assessment,improvement of forming-die life -Characterization and testing of materials -Design of thermo-mechanical processing -Design of surface treatment: nitriding, carbonitriding, laser treatment -Simulation of material processing Target partner organisation type(s) : SME (<250 employees) Target partner expertise sought : Bio-Composite manufacturer with capabilities to vacuum bag infusion and/or pultrusion Application domains : INDUSTRY Contact : Gala Perez Email : Telephone : 0034 986.344.000 Fax : 0034 986.337.302 WWW : Partner Request Entered by: Organisation: AIMEN Asociacion de Investigacion Metalurgica del Noroeste
posted on 04/01/2012