ICT & Tourism Business initiative

Type: European standards and norms
Source of information: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/tourism/ict/index_en.htm
Sector: Tourism
iCON Sector:
Issuing organization: EC
Publication date: 11/11/2011
Date of entry into force: 11/11/2011
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How can we boost competitiveness of mainly small and medium-sized enterprises in the European tourism sector and thus create more jobs? The European Commission is working together with the tourism stakeholders to create an ICT & Tourism Initiative. This will provide all relevant information to create and stimulate tourism businesses in the EU. In the coming decades it is expected that tourism demand will shift from mass tourism to more tailor-made customised tourism for the individual traveller, which is a market segment particularly relevant for the EU SMEs in the Tourism sector. The Internet has dramatically changed the way in which consumers plan and buy their holidays. It has also affected how tourism providers design, shape, promote and sell their products and services. The market for tourism relies heavily on information. Since the emergence of the Internet, travel information search and booking has been one of the top five most popular on-line tasks. Big tourism companies have responded to these new opportunities and developed e-commerce applications and own global reservation and distribution networks which interconnect tourism distributors with tourism suppliers to sell their products and services. Unfortunately, most tourism SMEs have traditionally avoided the rather costly electronic distribution networks and established their own Internet presence, for advertising and marketing their products and services. The ICT & Tourism Initiative aims at facilitating SMEs to interconnect via big distribution networks at affordable costs with all relevant market players and thus helping them to participate in the digital value chain. The platform will consist of 3 pillars: - a policy component, - a technological component, - operational component.
posted on 02/12/2011