MOS - Mednarodni Obrtni Sejem

Type: Events
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Issuing organization: Celje Fair Plc, Dečkova cesta 1, 3000 Celje, Slovenia
Start date: 07/09/2011
End date: 14/09/2011
Location: Slovenia
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Venue: Celje Showground, Celje, Slovenia Exhibiton programme: Foreign chambers and foreign country presentations Regional chambers of craft and small business with their sections Government institutions Banks and insurance companies Computer and office equipment Telecommunications equipment and services Technical and personal security Business, finance and investment advice Different media Visual communication and promotion Trade show equipment and fittings Business gifts Woodworking and metalworking machines and equipment, electrotechnics •Metallurgy, metal-working machines and equipment •Hand and electric tools •Metalworking •Electrotechnics, electronics and measuring systems •Ventilation systems and equipment, filters • Welding and welding technique •Commercial vehicle and bus spare parts •Industrial tyres, hydraulics, compressors, •Storage, console, pallet shelves and landings •Screw supply, drills •Laser technique •Lacquer workshops, coatings and equipment •Woodworking and metalworking machines •Industrial, section and garage doors •Heating systems (equipment and fuel) Home furnishings •Furnishings •Soft furnishings (settees, sofas, armchairs) •Cookers and fireplaces •Industrial furnishings •Floor covering and carpeting •Heat pumps •Bathroomware •Beds, mattresses •Wrought iron products Construction finishing works •Building materials: brick, roofing, roof tiles, chimneys, lightning conductors •Insulation materials, protective coatings •Fences, floor covering and carpeting, concrete products, wrought iron products, stucco •Electric and water installations, heating systems, industrial furnishings •Decorative household products (blinds, shades, bedding, lamellate curtains, floor and wall covering) •Geodetic measuring devices and construction •Prefabricated houses Renewable energy sources equipment and services, heating, cooling •Biomass and solid fuel boilers, gas furnaces, thermal furnaces, fireplaces •Wind turbines •Photovoltaics •Electric heating, solar collectors, solar systems, water pumps, vacuum systems, air-conditioning •Gas car system components •Lacquer workshops, equipment and fittings •Chimney systems •Heating systems Food, beverages and catering •Food industry •Catering, food industry, shop and household equipment and furnishings •Catering and shop supplies and accessories •Wine producers and traders •Packaging Household appliances and home furnishings •Electrical goods and household appliances •Sewing, knitting and ironing machines •Cleaning systems and equipment •Irrigation systems, landscaping •Household appliances Tourism and leisure •Fitness and wellness equipment and furnishings, saunas, massage machines and supplies •Sports equipment, food supplements •Medical machines for personal use •Jewellery and cosmetics •Hand tools and gardening supplies Textiles •Men's, women's and children's apparel •Leather goods •Fashion accessories Automobiles and accessories Mobile homes and trailers Forklifts and equipment Vehicle servicing equipment Agriculture and construction mechanization and equipment Interior and exterior design and equipment Eco program (banks, bins and containers, garbage and refuse crushers, biological cleaning devices) Protective clothing and footwear Home handicraft products Consumer goods Exhibitions (home and artificial handicraft)
posted on 13/07/2011